Design Case Study: Hole in the Wall Curtains

Design Case Study: Hole in the Wall Curtains

Working with Hole in the Wall Curtains has been great experience. This was one of those occasions were a client arrives with a well established pre existing logo and corporate identity and as much as I’d have loved the opportunity, and the extra work, there was no need to change it. Their logo was a good design and well recognised in the Walsall / West Midlands area where their shops are based.

The original project was to build them a web site to establish them online and prepare for a future ecommerce site. Starting with their main Walsall branch I set up a web design that was minimalist to reflect the simple and elegant design and colours of their logo, with areas to promote their range of stock, a blog section for the latest news and an area to promote the custom made curtains section.

Talking with the client I found ¬†that the staff in the shop were regularly answering the same set of “How do I….?” questions from customers. So I designed a set of fact sheets for the most common questions and created a ‘Help and Advice’ section as well. This meant customers could quickly find the answers they needed.

With the Hole in the Wall Curtains and Fabrics website design launched the next project was to take a look at their other Midlands branch in Kidderminster, Fabrics Direct.

Whilst his branch also had a pre existing logo design it was now very dated and had no connection to the main Walsall branch. To give both shops a sense of corporate unity I adapted the Hole in the Wall Curtains logo for ‘Fabrics Direct’ but kept the blue colour scheme that was in use in the shop. This meant the client could save both time and money on implementing the new look without having to refit the shop just for a colour change.

To keep within the clients budget, the Fabrics Direct’s website design was built using the design already created for Hole in the Wall Curtains, but rebranded to suit the new logo.¬†Kidderminster’s Fabrics Direct website was launched and the project moved on to the ecommerce stage.

Hole in the Wall Curtains and Fabrics Direct Web Site Design