Christmas Turkey Papercraft Design

  • Christmas Turkey Papercraft Design
  • Christmas Turkey Papercraft Design

This turkey papercraft design was created for my annual Christmas promotion.

I wanted something I could easily distribute to my clients and potential clients and I also wanted something that said ‘Christmas’. Well few things are as obviously Christmas as a turkey. This presented a few problems, turkeys are expensive to post and there just isn’t enough room in the office to farm them so I needed to simplify things a bit.

After much development and lots of glue the Ridgway Wilkes Christmas Turkey Papercraft was born. The whole design fitted on one sheet of A4 which meant people could easily print it out and make it in a lunch break with the added advantage of it being completely fat free and vegetarian friendly.

The Christmas papercraft promotion worked well, clients were reminded of my services and a couple even asked for me to rebrand the Turkey for their own Christmas promotion campaigns.

Download and make  your own Christmas Turkey Papercraft

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