Percy the Lion Papercraft Piggy Bank

Percy the Lion Papercraft Piggy Bank

Meet Percy the Practice Loan Papercraft Piggy Bank! This little paper toy was done as a promotional job for the Practice Loan Company as part of my ongoing design work for them.

The brief was to create a simple but memorable promotion that could be easily emailed out to potential clients. My solution was to design a cut and make style paper toy that could be saved in PDF format and emailed out. Being a finance company it seemed obvious to go for a piggy bank and one look at their logo with its heraldic lions lead to the birth of our friend Percy here.

As a promotional piece it worked really, the client got positive feedback and traffic to the web site. But there was one pleasantly surprising side effect from Percy the Papercraft Piggy Bank, a number of other websites were linking to him which had a beneficial effect on the Practice Loan Companies web rankings.

You can download Percy the Practice Loan Piggy Bank here, go on, have fun!

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